Lockdown 2.0 – Communication is key

Lockdown 2.0 - Communication is key

The biggest lesson to be learn from lockdown – that communication has a defining role in business strategy and survival.

Kickstart your Communications strategy

Kickstart your Communications Strategy

Use this time to evaluate your current efforts and create a communications strategy to help you reconnect with your target audience.

SEO strategy – it’s just one piece of the puzzle

SEO Strategy - it's just one piece of the puzzle

As your online content needs to be found by your target audience, your SEO strategy should inform your communications strategy.

Writing for your target audience

Writing for your target audience

Whether you’re open for business or still on lockdown, communicating with your target audience has never been more important.

Change – Don’t let it destroy your business

Effective Communications supports successful change

How we manage change can have a huge impact on our future success and growth. Effective communication comes from a strategic approach to change.

Change Management – Help returning to business as usual

Change Management - Returning to business as normal

With the lockdown restrictions starting to lift, the next step of this crash course in handling a crisis is change management.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Helping your Community

Corporate Social Responsibility

This time in lockdown has shown us what true community spirit is. How will you continue to include corporate social responsibility in your future strategy?

Global crisis: Surviving the lockdown

Global Crisis: Surviving Social Distancing

A global crisis has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep going and survive the lockdown.

Start blogging for your business today

Blogging for your business

From social media platforms to individual websites with a ‘blog’ element, individuals and businesses alike can directly interact with an audience.

Case studies – a great way to showcase experience

Case Studies - Experience Showcase

A well-known rule in public relations and marketing is: show don’t tell. Case studies are a perfect way to do this.

Thought leader – recognition as an expert in your field

thought leader

Sharing your knowledge and opinions with those that value it will make you a worthy thought leader in your industry.

Issues management – how to avert a crisis

Issues Management

Take the necessary steps to protect your business and its reputation by engaging in a robust issues management process.

SEO – what is it and why does it matter?


SEO is a bit of an enigma. Its purpose is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. But how do you achieve this, and why should you?

Thomas Cook’s demise – what lessons can you learn?

Thomas Cook demise

Thomas Cook ceased trading on Monday 23 September 2019. With many experts saying its fate was inevitable, what can be learnt from the demise of Thomas Cook?

Sponsorship has great benefits for your business

sponsorship - benefits for your business

The benefits from a successful sponsorship can be huge. From power of association to encouraging direct sales, it’s a multi-faceted communication strategy.

Creating content for your brand – no more excuses!

Creating content

Creating your own regular branded content, is the mother of all blank pages. Creating content doesn’t have to be scary or complicated.

What is Corporate Communication and why does it matter?

Corporate communication

Corporate communication involves engaging transparently with your stakeholders, and communicating meaningful and authentic values.

Setting the right communication objectives

Communication Objectives

Encouraging the growth and success of your business often involves forecasting, and mapping goals to achieve. Communication objectives can be important for your organisation’s overall business strategy.

Reputation: make sure you protect it

knight media comms - reputation - crisis

Your most important asset isn’t something you own, it’s something you earn. Reputation. And if you lose it, it could destroy your business.

PR must practice what it preaches

PR practice what it preaches

Last week, the CIPR published their annual ‘State of the Profession’ report exploring the trends, issues and challenges facing the public relations industry.

Employee Engagement – How to keep your staff motivated

employee engagement

Having a workforce that is motivated and engaged can do wonders for the success of your organisation. Building a strong community of empowered employees that feel integral to your organisation is.

It’s all in the Research


How can you truly know your business and its capabilities of growth if you haven’t analysed through comprehensive research?

Public Relations is a Powerhouse

Public Relations - what can it do for your business

What can public relations do for your business? Public relations (PR) is at the heart of everything your business does. It’s a force to be reckoned with.